Having secure, affordable and accessible housing is important to everyone. Your home should be a place of refuge and comfort and you will need this whilst waiting for your transplant and during post transplant recovery.


Social Workers are available to assist those experiencing homelessness or those who need to improve their current housing situation. You can also contact the housing support organisations listed below. These organisation can assist you to find emergency accommodation and long term housing options such as public and community housing.


DSH Housing website : www.dhs.vic.gov.au

Community Housing Federation of Victoria: www.chfv.org.au


Launch Housing has offices throughout Melbourne: Freecall 1800 048 325 or www.homeground.org.au


Haven Home Safe has offices in regional Victoria and Melbourne: (03) 5444 9000 or www.havenhomesafe.org.au


North East Housing Services
(Haven Home Safe)                       
Ground Floor, 52-56 Mary St                       
Preston 3072                                           
Ph:  (03) 9479 0700                         


South East Housing Co-operative
Plaza Business Centre
Level 3, 26 - 35 McCrae St
Dandenong 3075



Aboriginal Housing Victoria

125-127 Scotchmer St                              

North Fitzroy 3068                                      
(03) 9403 2100



Unison Community Housing

Free Call: 1800 825 955



Housing Modifications

Sometimes your home environment could be more safe and accessible with some simple modifications and equipment such as ramps, rails and other aides. The LTU Occupational Therapist (OT) can assess your home and suggest ways to make daily tasks easier for you. Contact your Nurse Coordinator to make an appointment with the OT.

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