Some patients find that they are often bored and lonely as they are spending a lot of time at home alone while their families are at work or school. Socialising and physical activity is important for mental health and well being.


Here are some ideas to help boost your level of acitivity and stay engaged with your community:


Mens Sheds


Mens Sheds are located throughout Australia, and provide places for men to socialise and work on projects whilst promoting health and well being.


Find your local Shed at




Meditation helps to relieve stress and maintain focus. Click here for a list we have compiled of meditation classes around Victoria.


Yoga, Thai Chi, Pilates....


These are low impact exercises that have been proven to improve physical health and reduce stress. Classes provide an opportunitu to interact with other people and maybe even make some new friends. Classes are held all over Victoria in dedicated studios or your local gym. Search the internet for classes near you!


Computers and the Internet


There is a big wide world out there which can be accessed in the comfort of your own home! Stay in touch with friends over email and social media, research future holidays, stay up-to-date with current affairs, study an online course, or chat with other patients on the LTU website online forum!


Get Active


Go for walks, join the gym, swim, join a sports club....try to be active as your body allows but be sure not to push yourself too hard! The LTU Physiotherapists always advise that the fitter and stronger you are before your transplant, the better your recovery.


Get Creative


Music, painting, drawing, photography, pottery, dressmaking, tapestry, quilting, writing....these examples of creative activities can be therapeutic during challenging times.


Household Projects and Gardening


You may have the energy to complete odd job around the house such as painting, weeding or potting in the garden. Be careful not to undertake anything too strenuous or that could potentially create stress for you and your family.




Many patients have to take leave from their jobs whilst they are waiting for a transplant. Some people are too sick or do not have the energy to work thier required hours anymore. Volunteering can be a good way to keep your mind active, and feel like you are still part of the workforce.


Hospitals, aged care facilities, schools, community health centres and local councils are often looking for volunteers.


Find more information oin these websites:


Austin Health are always looking for consumers to join various committees, contribute to projects and provide feedback about your experiences. Click here for more information!



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