The Liver Transplant Unit has one of the most culturally diverse patient groups throughout the health service. The Unit endeavours to meet the cultural needs of patients and families by:

  • Using language interpreters to help you to communicate with your doctors and other staff at your appointments and when you are admitted to hospital. Sometimes interpreters cannot be arranged and we may need to rely on family members to help provide translation.
  • Using telephone interpreters when calling you on the phone
  • Producing patient information booklets in various languages
  • Linking you in with culturally-specific support services if required
  • Being mindful of the challenges faced by those who are culturally and linguistically diverse, which can be magnified in a medical and healthcare setting

Eastern Health has produced Cue Cards with graphics in over 60 languages. The cards can be helpful when an interpreter is not available.

See the website to print out Cue Cards in your language.

If interpreters are not being used when you feel you would benefit from one, please speak with the reception staff.


Eastern Health Cue Cards

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