When a suitable liver becomes available, you will be contacted by a Transplant Nurse Coordinator, who will advise how soon you need to be at the hospital. For those coming from interstate, a transport plan will have been organised during your Work Up which may involve using an air ambulance. You need to have a clear plan in place to get to the hospital. It may be helpful to have a bag packed ready to take with you containing pyjamas, day clothes, underwear and some toiletries.


Patients need to present to the Emergency Department and will be taken to the ward to wait.

Dummy Runs

A "Dummy Run" is the term given to a transplant which does not go ahead. This may be because the liver is unsuitable or because the patient has an infection or an illness which could put them at risk during surgery. Many patients experience dummy runs and often feel disappointed; however, most find that the experience is helpful as they know what to expect the next time they are called in.

If your transplant goes ahead, you will be in surgery for approximately 8 - 10 hours. Your family can wait at the hospital or go home. Often surgery occurs during the night and families are advised to return home and try and get some rest.

The Pastoral Care Chaplain is available for support if requested.

The surgeons or transplant co-ordinators will communicate with your family every two hours to update them on the progress of your surgery.


Diary Dates

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